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i-Optik ACP-1500 Auto Chart projector
i-Optik CM-1800 chart monitor
i-Optik CM-1900 chart monitor
i-Optik CV-7200 Automatic Vision Tester
i-Optik RM-9000 Auto refractometer
i-Optik NV-100 Near Vision Tester
TOMEY MR-6000 Multifunction Unit
i-Optik CV-7800 Automatic Vision Tester


    The innovative DSP engine for AXIS(TSRK-1000P) Ref-keratometer controls the entire measurement process including capture of measurement signal as well as, the data process and the display. So AXIS(TSRK-1000P) enables to provide stable measurement data and fine pupil images for you.

  • i-Optik ACP-1500 Auto Chart projector

    ACP-1500 Auto Chart Projector is a precision optical instrument for accurate refraction.It provides 30 different charts and 35 masks, with programmable remote control.

    Duochrome test charts to check single and binocular vision, and polarized test charts to check binocular vision and ocular muscle imbalance.


    Projection distance 1.5m ~ 7m
    Projection magnification 30x (at5m)
    Projection size 330mm(W) x 270mm(H) (at5m)
    Chart Switching speed 0.01~0.02S
    MaskNumber 1open, 5horizontal lines, 8 vertical lines, 21 single letters, 1red/green
    Mask Switching speed One mask per 0.01~0.02s
    Program 2sets programs, each program contains up to 30steps
    Lamp 12V, 50W(halogenlamp) 12V, 10W(LED)
    Power saving fuction Will automatically standby in 10min
    Power source AC220V, 50Hzor 110V, 60Hz
    Power consumption 80W
    Dimensions 320mm(L) x 218mm(W )x 240mm(H)
    Net weight 7.2Kg
    Standardaccessories Remote control, Polarized metal screen, halogen lamp, polarized glasses, fuses(2), batteries(2)
    Optional accessories Floorstand, wallstand

  • i-Optik CM-1800 chart monitor

    • 19-inch high contrast and bright display
    • Smooth and quiet operation
    • Wireless Remote control
    • Wide test range
    • Precise distance adjustment.
    • Easy mounting
    • Random test sequence


    Display 19” LCD (color)
    Brightness 250 cd/m2
    Chart versions E, C, ABC, 123, c hild, special version charts
    Chart acuity 6/3-6/150 20/10-20/500 0.04-2.0
    Distance 2.0 ~ 7.0m
    Power supply Input: AC110~220V AC±10%,50/60Hz
    Power consumption <=45w
    Dimension 455mm (L) x 420mm(W) x 110mm(H)
    Weight 4.2kg(Net. Weight)
    Remote IR
    Batteries for remote control 3 A

  • i-Optik CM-1900 chart monitor

    • Polarized chart for binocular test
    • 23-inch hign contrast and bright display
    • Smooth and quiet operation
    • Wide range of test types
    • Precise distance adjustment
    • Easy mounting
    • Random test sequence


    Display 23” LCD (color) High Resolution Monitor
    Brightness 250 cd/m2
    Chart versions E, C, ABC, 123, c hild, special version charts
    Chart acuity 6/3-6/150 20/10-20/500 0.04-2.0
    Distance 2.0 ~ 7.0m
    Power supply Input: AC110~220V AC±10%,50/60Hz
    Power consumption <=36w
    Dimension 531mm (W) x 394mm(H) x 121mm(D)
    Weight 3.8kg(Net. Weight)
    Remote IR
    Batteries for remote control 3 A

  • i-Optik CV-7200 Automatic Vision Tester

    • 7.0-inch color LCD touch screen
    • Stylish and compact design
    • Auto detachment printer
    • Independent PD adjustment
    • Built-in LED for near vision illumination
    • Data transmission with auto refractometer and auto projector


    Sphere -19.00D~+16.75D 0.12D/0.25D/0.50D/1.00D/3.00D steps
    Cylinder -6.00D~+6.00D 0.25D steps
    Axis angle 0~180° (1°/5°steps)
    Pupillary Distance Distant range: 52~80mm 0.5/1mm steps
    Close range: 50~80mm 0.5/1mm steps
    Rotary Prism 0~20 0.1 /0.5 /1.0steps
    Cross Cylinder Lens ±0.25D
    Plane Retinoscope +1.50D(67cm) +2.00D(50cm)
    Auxiliary Lens PH Binoculus(1.0mm)
    RL(Right eye),GL(Left eye)
    Polaroid(Right eye 135°/45°; Left eye 45°/135°)
    Prism(Right 6BU ,Left 10BI)
    Cross Cylinder Lens (±0.50D Axis=90°)
    PD Lens
    Phoropter Size 365mm×280mm×110mm
    Keyboard Size 230mm×195mm×190mm
    Power Box Size 236mm×126mm×115mm
    Power Supply AC 220V 50HZ or AC 110V 60HZ,90W
    Net Weight 7.1kg

  • i-Optik RM-9000 Auto refractometer

    • Using the ARM processor and the latest domestic image processing, the system is fast and the image is clear. Japan's mature optical path system, humanized automatic mist measurement process, to reduce the error caused by adjustment while giving more precise measurements.
    • Light rack with integral casting, CNC machining, measuring system is more stable, good consistency
    • Color LCD display, 5.7 inches man-machine interface is more comfortable
    • PD Automatic measurement function, automatically PD value
    • One key lock function, quickly locking mobile platforms
    • Innovative designs, accord with the structure of human body engineering, to bring customers good aesthetic feeling and comfortable
    • Data transmission with CV7000, improved efficiency of online


    Measurement Range Sphere -20D?+20D (VD=12mm) 0.125D/0.25D steps
    Cylinder -8D?+8D 0.125D/0.25D steps
    Axis angle 1°?180° 1°steps
    Pupillary Distance 45?85mm 1mm steps
    Vertex Distance 0/12/13.75/15mm
    Minimum Pupil Diameter ?2.0mm
    Chart Auto Fog Chart
    Date Saving 10 Measured values for both eyes
    Specification Display: 5.7" LCD(color)
    Print: Built-in Thermal Printer
    Power Suppiy: AC 220V ,50Hz or 110V, 60Hz
    Dimensions/Weight: 288(W)*500(D)*480(H) 14kg
    Power Save:5/10 min(Selectable)

  • i-Optik NV-100 Near Vision Tester

    The NV-100 near vision tester enable a complete refractive and binocular vision investigation to be carried out with the head and eyes in their normal posture at any working distance.


    Test Distance 36cm
    Distant Contral 60 cm
    Size 220(h) x 210(w) x 42(d) mm
    Weight 780g
    Power Supply LR6 AA/1.5V x 3


    The Auto Refkeratometer RC-800 is the latest in economical, user-friendly, highly accurate auto refkeratometry. The RC-800 provides simple, easy measurement by the operator at an economical cost, without compromising accuracy or reliability.

    Functions include USB connectability, a high-speed printer, auto shot, color touch screen and access to ten different languages (English, Japanese, German, Chinese, Spanish, Spanish Latin America, Italian, Portuguese, French and Russian).

    Additionally, the RC-800 dust-resistance capability boosts performance, and easier maintenance facilitated by the simplified design makes the RC-800 an invaluable device for all users. Encapsulated in an elegant and stylish design, the RC-800 incorporates all required functions for highly accurate, easy-to-use, economical auto refkeratometry.



    The key feature of the Auto Refkeratometer RC-5000 is the “Touch Alignment”.

    In many cases, the patient’s eye may be seen around the edge of the monitoring screen before alignment. In the past, the operator would manipulate the joystick to align the optical head of the device with the apex of the cornea. But now, the operator just touches the image of the pupil on the screen with a finger tip to perform this alignment.

    Besides this innovative function, the RC-5000 has the corneal irregularity indices “KAI/KRI” to aid detection of corneal asymmetry/corneal regularity..



    The Auto Ref-Topographer RT-7000 is a 3-in-1 hybrid system consisting of an Auto Refractmeter, an Auto Keratometer and a Corneal Topographer. The most remarkable clinical applications of the RT-7000 are the “Tear Stability Analysis System (TSAS)” and the “Fourier Analysis map”. The TSAS interprets the changes of the mire rings’ distortion on an eye opened for 6 seconds as changes of its tear layer status and displays color code maps to illustrate the locations of those changes. On the other hand, the newly implemented “Fourier Analysis map” performs Fourier analysis for refractive powers at individual measurement points obtained by analyzing Mire images within the ø3 mm range and ø6 mm range, and visually and quantitatively displays the constant term (the spherical component), the first order term (the asymmetry component), the second order term (the regular astigmatism component), and the higher order terms (the higher order irregularity).


  • TOMEY MR-6000 Multifunction Unit

    Advanced Design

    Multifunction in one tabletop instrument, compact & space saving

    Improved Features

    Speedy Alignment & Mode change available increases productivity and ease of use
    Sharp LED ring for REF measurements
    Air flow control for Tonometry
    Pachy measurement to obtain accurate IOP
    Topo function to detect irregular corneal shapes
    Dry eye screening software will be added in an upcoming update patch



  • i-Optik CV-7800 Automatic Vision Tester

    Faster Than Ever Quieter Than Ever

    The all new CV-7800 Computerized Vision Tester 
    Thanks to a new generation electrical and motor drive control system, the CV-7800 has a wider measurement range and faster lens switching speed than our previous products. It also helps reduce the operating noice and singnificantly improves overall machine performance.

    Improved User Experience

    Easy-to-Operate Layout with an Innovative 2 in 1 Control mode
    Standalone tablet for portable useage
    Tablet with Keyboard option available for a more traditional use in a sitting position
    Pre-Installed standard refraction program
    Equipped with Split Prism
    Efficient Customer Information management
    Able to upload up to 6 of your preffered or custom refraction programs


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