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i-Optik TL-6000 Auto Lensmeter
TOMEY Auto Lensmeter TL-100
TOMEY Auto Lensmeter TL-2000C / 3000C
ASO CS-A100 Centering Scope

  • i-Optik TL-6000 Auto Lensmeter

    • Bright digital display.
    • Easy to use control functions,conveniently located below the screen.
    • Quick,accurate and easy operation for alignment and measurements.
    • Measure all types of lenses made from all kinds of materrials.
    • Able to measure single vision,bifocal and progressive lenses,and hard and soft contact lenses.
    • Pupil Distance measurement.
    • Auto power saving mode.
    • Thermal printer(optional).
    • Optional Ultra Violet transmission check(optional)


      Measurement range Steps
    Sphere Lenses 0~±25D 0.01D,0.12D,0.25D
    Cylinder lenses 0~±10D 0.01D,0.12D,0.25D
    Cylinder Axial Angle 0~180°
    Prism 0~10Δ 0.01Δ, 0.12Δ, 0.25Δ
    ADD 0~10D 0.01D, 0.12D,0.25D
    Abbe numbers 20?30?40?50?60  
    Lens diameter Φ10MM~Φ90MM  
    Dimension 230W / 295D / 425H mm  
    Weight 8 Kgs  
    Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz 55W  

  • TOMEY Auto Lensmeter TL-100

    The Auto Lensmeter TL-100 is the standard model in TOMEY’s lensmeter line. This model is intended for comprehensive measurement of spectacle lenses and contact lenses, e.g. spherical lenses, cylindrical lenses, progressive lenses, and high refractive index lenses.
    The TL-100 also displays prism diopter readings.


  • TOMEY Auto Lensmeter TL-2000C / 3000C

    For opticians, vision test equipment in their clinics are objects that their customers enjoy seeing. This definitely includes lensmeters, so they should be attractive devices. TOMEY believes the sophisticated appearance and the vivid TFT color LCD of the Auto Lensmeter TL-3000C/2000C meet these requirements.


  • ASO CS-A100 Centering Scope

    Definitive and highly accurate decenter measurement device available on-site.

    This device is a transmission-type decenter measurement device using the collimator optical method.

    The measurable range of the focal length is broad enough, from plus/minus a few millimeters to infinity (plane). Also with a variety of lens rotators and holders, it can achieve accurate decenter measurement.

    It's compact, space-saving and user-friendly design has a solid reputation with many clients, for its effectiveness in labor savings, quality improvement, and streamlining at manufacturing locations.
    Thus, we are happy to introduce the CS-A1100, a further developed high-accuracy decenter measurement device.

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