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ASO CS-A100 Centering Scope
TOMEY Tomey TL6000/7000
i-Optik TL-6800

  • ASO CS-A100 Centering Scope

    Definitive and highly accurate decenter measurement device available on-site.

    This device is a transmission-type decenter measurement device using the collimator optical method.

    The measurable range of the focal length is broad enough, from plus/minus a few millimeters to infinity (plane). Also with a variety of lens rotators and holders, it can achieve accurate decenter measurement.

    It's compact, space-saving and user-friendly design has a solid reputation with many clients, for its effectiveness in labor savings, quality improvement, and streamlining at manufacturing locations.
    Thus, we are happy to introduce the CS-A1100, a further developed high-accuracy decenter measurement device.


  • TOMEY Tomey TL6000/7000

    Wavefront Technology with Hartmann sensor (117 points)

    Using 117 point Hartmann sensor wavefront technology in the TL-6000/7000, measurement accuracy of vertically narrow progressive lenses has markedly improved. 

    Simultaneous measurement of UV/Blue light and power
    By emitting measurement light, UV light (375nm) and Blue light (465nm) simultaneously, it is possible to check UV/Blue light transmittance as well as conduct power measurements.

    Lens mark recognition support
    Displaying the grid patterns on the screen will help recognition of lens marks. Grid patterns are selectable.

    Simple Power Mapping
    With the power mapping function, a lens-shaped simple map will be displayed. (For precise power mapping, the use of PD value and L value is recommended, an exclusive function of TL-7000)

    LAN and RS-232C connection
    Output the measurement data from each port of LAN and RS-232C.


  • i-Optik TL-6800

    Hartmann sensor with 145 measurement points
    Progressive lens recognition makes it easier & provides more accurate measurements. 

    Advanced Hardware
    Cursor tracing increased smoothness & faster. Measurements are generated at a faster speed.

    Increased measurement capabilities
    Able to measure ultra-low transmittance lenses (>5%) and able to measure dark sunglasses, tinted lenses & polaroids.

    Improved design & functions
    LCD Screen angle easily adjustable providing comfortable viewing angles & comfortable operation.
    Green light measurement 
    Optional UV/Blue light measurement 
    Improved compact design
    Data transmission between CV-7600 computerized vision tester(autoprompter)

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