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Epsansione Marketing My Mask
Epsansione Marketing MEIBOMASK
Epsansione Marketing Eye Light
Epsansione Marketing Me Check
Lagad Vision Lagad Eye Supplement

  • Epsansione Marketing My Mask

    My Mask

    • State of the art for MGD Treatment
    • Pathology MGD
    • Medical Treatment
    • Supportive Home Therapy


  • Epsansione Marketing MEIBOMASK


    • 2D Meibography
    • 3D Meibography
    • Automatic detection of meibomian glands with automatic calculation of gland patency percentage
    • Automatic evaluation of Dr.Pult's Meiboscale into 4 Levels plus 12 Sublevels
    • Specific final assessment in 5 areas of the eyelid
    • Automatic OSDI-6 questionnaire with color scale
    • Demodex Screening
    • Magnification from 50 to 1000 times of ocular surface with white light


  • Epsansione Marketing Eye Light

    Eye Light

    • Polychromatic Light
    • Thermic pulses
    • Stimulation of neurotransmitters
    • Increased contraction and secretion of meibomian glands


  • Epsansione Marketing Me Check

    Me Check

    • HD Imaging
    • Objective and fully Automated Screening
    • Short Exam Time : 3 Minutes
    • Easy To Use
    • No specific skills required
    • Non contact examination
    • Immediate results


  • Lagad Vision Lagad Eye Supplement

    Lagad Eye Supplement

    • Lagad Retina Helps protect against "Retinal Stress"
    • Lagad Lacrima Protects against "Sensations" of Dry Eye
    • Lagad Performa Helps Optimise Night Vision & Visual recovery after glare

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