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ELEKTRON Henson 9000
ELEKTRON Henson 7000

  • OPTOPOL PTS 1000

    Automated Perimeter PTS 1000 is a modern diagnostic instrument for precise and fast testing of field of vision. It offers static and kinetic stimuli with all Goldman stimuli sizes and all stimuli colors used in perimetry.  Wide range of strategies and analysis tools combined with intuitive interface gives you powerful diagnostic tool which handling you will enjoy.  Built in maps and possibility of creating own one gives possibility to examine only these areas, which are necessary.  With PTS1000 examination doesn’t have to be tiring anymore


  • ELEKTRON Henson 9000

    The Henson 9000 is rapidly becoming the instrument of choice for screening and managing glaucoma, the leading cause of preventable blindness worldwide.

    We know that when screening for disease, the two statistics determining performance are sensitivity and specificity.

    We also know that a screening test needs to be conducted as quickly as possible, for the benefit of your practice and your patient.

    Until now, these factors have been interdependent. For example, quicker testing has been achieved but at the expense of accuracy. Or increased accuracy has limited speed.

    When thinking about updating your perimeter, you really need to consider the major advantages the Henson 9000 offers.

    • New ZATA threshold algorithm conforms to Goldmann standard
    • Faster threshold testing using prior data for greater accuracy
    • Fast multiple and single stimuli suprathreshold programmes
    • Fully networkable through control device
    • PDF format printouts available
    • Fully Compliant DVLA Estermann test
    • Fully compatible with Henson 8000
    • Conforms with Goldmann standard
    • Degradation-free light source
    • Solid-state technology
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Numerous PC configuration options now available
    • Optional Motorised chin rest controlled by PC

  • ELEKTRON Henson 7000

    • Fast and Flexible yet compact and easy to use.
    • Ideal for screening of the visual field
    • Intuitive, flexible screening programs allow customization of the program and retesting of suspect locations to ensure high sensitivity and very high specificity
    • The Henson 7000 has been designed to suit the constraints of the small consulting room or domiciliary practice.

    Remarkably small in size yet reassuringly abundant in features. Weight, ease of use, performance and speed of operation have all influenced its design. The new software brings enhancements from the Henson 8000 to the 7000. The Multiple and Single stimulus Supra-Threshold screening tests using the Heart algorithm and patient response time tracking along with the ability to change test strategies / level without affecting the patient is believed to have important significance in the reliable screening of patients for Glaucoma conditions.

    The Henson 7000 software is the most advanced in the market, using peer reviewed research to optimise screening programs.

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