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TOMEY AL-4000 Bio & Pachy Meter
TOMEY Optical Biometer OA-2000
TOMEY Ultrasonic B Scanner UD-8000
TOMEY Pachymeter SP-3000
TOMEY Ultrasonic A/B scanner & Pachymeter UD-800


    Ultra Phonic - High Viscosity (Ultrasound) Conductivity Gel

    • The only stabilized non-drying formula. Resists breakdown and thinning from salts in perspiration and body heat.
    • Aqueous, hypo-allergenic,adorless, non-staining.
    • Long lasting: the first application is your only application.
    • Proven Superior Ultrasound Gels.
    Unit Sizes:
    • 20ML Sterile Packets.
    • 60ML Tube
    • 90ML Tube
    • 250ML Tube
    • 250ML Bottle
    • 4 Liter with Dispenser
    • 5 Liter with Dispenser
    • 10 Liter "Ultra Pack" with Dispenser

  • TOMEY AL-4000 Bio & Pachy Meter

    The Bio & Pachy Meter AL-4000 packs multiple functions into a handheld unit, such as axial length measurement, ACD measurement, lens thickness measurement, corneal thickness measurement, A-scan diagnosis, IOL power calculations, wireless communication function with a personal computer and so on. In addition, the ACD measurement range from 1.5mm (to 7.0 mm) that the new A-scan probe allows is particularly beneficial when performing the shallow anterior chamber measurement.

    Connectivity with optical biometer OA-2000


  • TOMEY Optical Biometer OA-2000

    The Optical Biometer OA-2000 provides non-contact, non-invasive and automatic measurement of the axial length (Axial), anterior chamber depth (ACD), lens thickness(Lens) and central corneal thickness (CCT) based on fourier domain technology. And the OA-2000 integrates topography by ring cone to measure radius of corneal curvature, and corneal shape.

    OA-2000 is equipped with a communication function for receiving and displaying measurement results from ultrasound device AL-4000 which measures axial length or corneal thickness.

    With an IOL power calculation function, OA-2000 has various IOL power formulae applicable to ordinary cataract surgery and/or cataract surgery of eyes
    with corrected corneal refractive power, and provides data necessary to determine IOL power.

    Connectivity with ultrasound biometer AL-4000 and AL-100


  • TOMEY Ultrasonic B Scanner UD-8000

    The Ultrasonic B Scanner UD-8000 is a unique B-scan device with a “Full Digital System” whose A/D converter is located between the transducer array and the delay circuit.

    The in-phase synthetic method, digital wave detection for higher resolution and the new “tissue harmonic imaging” filtering method for finer images are results of this digital system.


  • TOMEY Pachymeter SP-3000

    • Color LCD Touch Screen
    • Built-in Printer
    • Tone-Assisted Measurement
    • Averages 20 Readings per Locations
    • Map Capabilities Up to 25 Discreet Locations
    • Operator Adjustable Bias & Velocity
    • IOP Calculations corrected by Center Corneal Thickness
    • 512K Memory Card (Optional)

  • TOMEY Ultrasonic A/B scanner & Pachymeter UD-800

    The Ultrasonic A/B Scanner and Pachymeter UD-800 is compact all-in-one device with high resolution. Main mode is B-Scan, and you can add UBM, Biometry, Pachymetry and A-Scan Diagnosis as options. The calculation system is same as OA-2000 and EM-4000, which makes it easy for users to operate. The UD-800 can save data up to 52,000 eyes (B-Scan) and print out the data with the built-in printer. Also Harmonic function is available with B-Scan.

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