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EVANS Hess Screen
EVANS UV Inspection Lamp

  • EVANS Hess Screen

    The Evans (Instruments) Hess Screen has been re-designed to take up the minimum space, whilst not forgetting ease of operation. The screen is only approximately 25mm thick and houses 25 red light sources which can be individually illuminated by way of the operator’s control box, connected via a remote cable.

    The wall-mounted screen is marked with a tangent scale covering 30 degrees in 5-degree steps, in each of the four directions of gaze. Dissociation is by use of a standard pair of Diplopia Goggles and the patient’s responses are confirmed by a torch producing a focusable arrowhead of green light.

    • Smart and functional appearance Overall depth of only approximately 25mm Diplopia goggles and torch supplied
    • Standard Hess recording charts are supplied, with further supplies readily available

  • EVANS UV Inspection Lamp

    The new Evans UV Inspection Lamp incorporates an electronic starting system, providing instant start with no flicker. Significantly lighter in weight, the unit utilises both white and ultra violet light, which can be changed over at the flick of a switch. The switch is contained within the handle for ease of control and no warm up period is required. The lamp cover is made from flame retardant ABS, grained finish, making the unit both attractive and practical in use. This new version is well balanced in use, with the choke unit located separately.

    Features include:
    • BSI safety requirement is that the strip lights are retained behind a protective cover, thereby giving total confidence to the patient
    • Electronic starting system, providing instant start with no flicker
    • Very light and easy to use
    • Anglepoise mounting available for wall or trolley stand
    • Small wall bracket available for neat, safe storage of lamp
    • Large magnifier area, approximately 60mm x 80mm
    • Input voltage 240v, 50hz only ?White light is useful for inspection techniques
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